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Aug 28, 2013 12:00pm PDT
1963 the economy has changed. the twin forces of technology and global competition have sub tract those jobs that once provided a foothold into the middle class. reduced the bargaining power of american workers. and our politics have suffered, entrenched interests, those who benefit from an unjust statusco, resisted any government efforts to give working families a fair deal. parceling an army of lobbyists and opinion makers to argue that minimum-wage increases or stronger labor laws or taxes on the wealthy without could afford it just to fund crumbling schools, that all these things violated sound economic principleses. we would be told that growing inequality was the price for a growing economy. a measure of a free market. that greed was good and compassion ineffective. that those without jobs or health care had only themselves to blame. and then there were those elected officials who found it useful to practice the old politics of division, doing their best to convince middle class americans of a great untruth. that government was somehow itself to blame for their growing economic in
Aug 27, 2013 12:00pm PDT
tore her a-c-l while playing softbal >>> an innovation in technology could be a game changer for surgeons and their patients. a 47-year-old woman tore her acl while playing softball. she put her damaged knee in the hands of surgeons at ohio state university and also google glass. it's a wearable computer embedded fa doctor's glasses -- in a doctor's glasses. using voice commands the doctor can review photos and medical records. >> it's set up in the main line of vision. the image of the glass is not there. it's just off upper right. it's kind of like the rear view mirror when you're driving. >> the device enables consultation between medical colleagues in realtime on the best way to proceed with an operation. doctors say google can still improve video quality as well as connectivity to pro vent the video stream from freezing and by the way, that patient was back at work five days later. >>> well, it's afternoon, and time for lunch. let's check in with our fresh grocer tony tantillo and his daughter stephanie. >> all right, stephanie, the ingredients? >> what's great about thi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2